Shelter Me Sponsorship

Nearly 3,000 unwanted pets enter CMHS each year. Many of these animals stay at the shelter until adoption, and we are committed to making sure each dog and cat stays warm, fed, and healthy during their stay. By sponsoring a dog kennel or cat condo with the Shelter Me program, you help cover these daily expenses:

  • Medication & Vaccinations
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Toys & Enrichment
  • Laundry Expenses
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Spay/Neuter
Please note: each year from Giving Tuesday (the Tuesday after Thanksgiving) until December 31, we use for our online donations. If you'd like to purchase a Shelter Me sponsorship, please make your gift amount for either $275 (cat condo) or $400 (dog kennel). Questions? Contact us at [email protected].
Become a Shelter Me Sponsor

Your Sponsorship Includes:

  • A sponsorship sign for a dog kennel or cat condo. Sign can include an image or logo.
  • Shelter Me sponsors are listed on our website - look below!

Your annual Shelter Me sponsorship can begin at any time of the year and is 100% tax deductible. Sponsoring a dog kennel or cat condo is a neat way to promote your business or a lovely way to pay tribute to a friend or family member.

Cat Condo Sponsors

  • Emily Albertson
  • Bruce & Lynda Baker
  • Bob & Tammy Bynum
  • Joan Coates
  • Janet Sue Crosby
  • John Dodam
  • Friends & Family in memory of Caden Hastie
  • Jennifer Hemphill
  • Karen Johnson in honor of Cassidy Johnson
  • Matthew Knowlton & Kathy Doisy
  • Peter & Chris Koukola
  • Carl Morris & Larry Kantner
  • Carl Morris & Larry Kantner in memory of Bette Weiss
  • Becky McHugh
  • Joe & Carol Moseley
  • Loren and Anita Nikolai
  • Dennis O'Brien & Sarah Myers
  • In memory of Erik Patchell
  • Jayne Pearman
  • Paul Rhoads
  • Judy & Steve Richey
  • Nancy Rogers
  • Kathi Smith in memory of Frank Geyer
  • Steve & Pat Smith
  • Jeanne Schwartze
  • Austin and Ellen Snipes in memory of Rocco
  • Gordon Springer & Susan Hutt
  • Karla Watson
  • The Winkelmeyer's in memory of Heidi Drechsel
  • The Winkelmeyer's in memory of Caroline Slomianowski
  • In honor of Kristen & Alexus Wong

Dog Kennel Sponsors

  • Jerry & Kay Benedict in memory of Johnny Keller
  • L'Mont & Kathy Betz
  • Billards on Broadway
  • Doug Bowles & Yvette Nieto
  • David & Denise Brown
  • In Memory of Morgan Buckler
  • Wendell Coonce
  • Dennis Cravens
  • Creekside Pet Center
  • Blake & Carol Danuser
  • Angela Drake
  • Lisa Dresner
  • Ava Fajen & Scott Christianson In Memory of Max and Bruce
  • Robert & Nancy Foss
  • In loving memory of Justin Foster
  • Joseph Ganz and Cynthia Morrison in honor of Quinn
  • John Hope in honor of Laurie Ketts
  • James Jennings
  • Matthew Knowlton & Kathy Doisy
  • Charlotte Larrick
  • Becky Morton
  • Shelly Nelson
  • Durk & Suzy Price
  • Jerome & Karen Rader
  • Randa Rawlins
  • Jon & Carol Rhodes
  • Mary Lee Seibert
  • Steve & Sherry Smith of New Bloomfield
  • Jeff Sossamon & Eddie Dziuk
  • Bobb Swanson
  • The  Tumuluru Family
  • Fred & Kathi vom Saal
  • Richard Wallace
  • Wendy Walters
  • Steve Williams in memory of Dr. C. Philip Meyer
  • Mark & Tina Workman