Lost or Found a Pet?

Text COMOFOUND to 56525
Text COMOLOST to 56525

Found a Stray?

If you have found a stray dog in Boone County, give us a call at 573 443 7387 so we can schedule an appointment and prepare a kennel or cage for the animal. If you have found a stray dog in the city limits of Columbia, please call animal control at 573 449 1888 to pick up and/or scan the dog for a microchip. At your appointment,  please have your drivers license or other form of valid ID on hand (required under the Missouri Department of Agriculture) and you will be asked to fill out a short form regarding where/how you found this animal. While we do not charge a fee for this service, all donations are greatly appreciated!

If you have found a stray cat in Boone County/Columbia, give us a call at 573 443 7387 so we can discuss the cat with you. We will scan any found cats for a microchip. We do recommend healthy, adult cats be left in the area they were found as there is likely a caretaker nearby and they are much more likely to return home if left in the community. The city of Columbia does not have "leash laws" for cats so they are allowed to roam and only 2% of cats brought into shelters are reclaimed. If you have found a kitten/litter of kittens, make sure mom is not around before bringing them in as she's their best chance at survival.

We are unable to take in strays from other counties.

Stray intake hours are Monday - Saturday 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm. Due to the length of processing an intake, our last drop off time is 4:30 pm.

Dog running loose in Columbia city limits? Call animal control!

573 449 1888

Lost or found a pet? Start by filling out a report!

Lost Pet Report
Found Pet Report

Lost and Found Pet Resources

  • Submit the lost and found online reports (found earlier on this page). Our staff and volunteers will make sure that information is posted to our community Lost & Found page!
  • Use social media! Make posts and check for found pets online, especially on Facebook and the Nextdoor app. Also post to this popular Columbia area lost/found pets group.
  • Check out these YouTube videos: How to find a lost dog. How to find a lost cat.
  • Make some flyers! Along with a great photo, be sure to include when and where your pet went missing and the best way to reach you. Place them around your neighborhood and be sure to talk to your neighbors.
  • Let your vet know! Call your veterinarian (and others in the area) to let them know you pet is missing. Better yet, stop by in person so they can display your lost pet flyer.
  • Don't give up hope! Pets have been reunited with owners months after going missing.
Continue to check the lost/found pets on our website. Each stray is held for a minimum of 6 days. If your pet has been missing for more than a week, also check out the adoptable pets on our website.

Impounded Pets Through CMHS

Upon arrival at the shelter, each animal is vaccinated and dewormed, and any obvious medical conditions are addressed as much as possible. CMHS has full-time shelter veterinarians and veterinary technicians on staff to help ensure the health and well-being of all the animals in our care, including pets that arrive as lost to our facility. We follow a 5-day holding period for all lost animals to give owners time to find their pet.

If you believe your pet has ended up in our care, please contact us as soon as possible to begin the reclaim process.

Here’s what to expect when you come to the shelter to reclaim:

  • Proof of Ownership: We ask that all owners provide proof of ownership. This could be photos of your pet, vet records, microchip information, or other identifying information.
  • Identification: Please bring a valid photo ID with you when you visit CMHS.
  • Fees: There are fees associated with picking up your pet. We offer a Return to Owner Forgiveness Program to help decrease fees for pets reclaimed in the first three days of their hold.

    Through our program, pet owners that agree to get their intact pet fixed through our low cost clinic and/or purchase a microchip will have all return to owner fees waived. The following fees are applied if your pet has been in CMHS' possession for more than 3 days or the pet is intact and/or not microchipped and owner does not choose to participate in our forgiveness program: 

    • Processing fee: $20
    • Boarding fee: $25 per night
    • Vaccinations: $15 per vaccine
    • Misc. preventatives: $15 each
    • Microchip: $15
    • Testing (Heartworm/FeLV/etc): $20
    *If you are struggling financially, other resources may be available, though qualifications and restrictions apply.