Court Ordered Community Service with CMHS

It is a policy of the Central Missouri Humane Society to cooperate with area legal systems to allow specific offenders to perform community service work at CMHS on a work available basis.


  • CMHS requires persons performing community service to be at least 18 years old.
  • No person convicted of a violent crime or drug violation will be allowed to complete service at the shelter.
  • Absolutely no alcohol or drugs will be consumed while working at the shelter. The odor of intoxicants or drugs on a person will be grounds to deny them continued work at the shelter.
  • Cell phone use is prohibited while working at the shelter. If you are caught with your cell phone, you will be sent home and will not be able to finish your community service with CMHS.


  • Closed toed shoes, shirt and long pants at all times - we recommend clothing that can get dirty.
  • No inappropriate slogans or clothing shall be worn.
  • No shorts allowed at any time.
  • Each person is responsible for filling out their paperwork, maintaining contact with legal officials involved in their case and ensuring that appropriate reports are made to those officials when community service requirements are met. CMHS will cooperate in this reporting, but the responsibility belongs entirely to the community service worker.
  • Signing up for the time is the only way to ensure that there will be work available for you. If you miss a shift that you have signed up for, it will result in loss of previous hours and loss of future hours with CMHS.
  • Each community service worker is responsible for checking in at the front desk each day to enter their start/finish time in the log. If you go to lunch, you must sign out as if you are leaving for the day. When you return, you may sign in again.
  • If the shelter runs out of work on any given day, we have the right to send you home. Please park on Big Bear Blvd.
  • When an assigned task is completed, community service workers are expected to check with the shelter staff to receive their next assignment.
  • There will be NO animal interaction while doing your community service unless authorized by a staff member.
  • If you are caught idling, you will be sent home.

If you are interested in completing service hours at CMHS, please fill out our form prior to coming to the shelter.

Questions? Call us at 573 443 7387 or email [email protected].