Animals Currently Needing a Foster

Please make sure to click on the profile to see animal information (intake date, sex, age, weight) and any special notes. You can also use your ShelterLuv account to view more information on an animal! If you have questions or need help finding a foster, please email [email protected] at any time!

Important reminder: CMHS does not split up litters into singles for foster. If animals have similar names (ex: Broadway 1, Broadway 2) or themed names (ex: Sunflower, Tulip, Rose) they are littermates and are looking for a foster home together. A good way to tell is by clicking on their profile and checking their location: if they have the same location, they are a group!

Needing Foster for Space

These are animals just needing foster for socialization and to open up kennel space at the shelter! Click here to request a pickup appointment. Keep in mind we only schedule two days in advance to ensure our animals are getting out as soon as possible.

Needing Foster for Pawsitive Support

These dogs are currently working with the Pawsitive Support Program or are cats just needing extra TLC/socialization. If you are interested in fostering a dog from this section, email our Pawsitive Support Coordinator at [email protected] to learn more about their needs. If you are interested in fostering a cat from this section, please email our Feline Care Manager at [email protected].

Needing Foster for Medical Support

These animals are currently on medication or have special medical needs. Please email [email protected] for more information to see if they are a fit for your home!

Needing a New Foster

These are animals┬ácurrently in foster care that are needing a new foster. If you are interested in taking over fostering, please email┬á[email protected]┬áso we can put you in contact with the current foster parent! These animals are NOT being housed at CMHS so please do not request a pickup appointment.

Coming Soon!

These animals are not yet eligible to leave for foster (pending veterinary check/evaluation, pending surgery, etc), but if you are interested in taking them for foster once they are good to go, please email [email protected] so we can schedule a pickup date with you. Please keep in mind if you are unable to take them to foster when they are cleared then we will put them online for another foster to take.
As a reminder, CMHS reserves the right to decline an individual request to foster an animal if it is determined an unsuitable environment for the animal's needs or if the foster parent is already caring for other foster animals.  We reserve this right to protect the physical and emotional well-being of the animals in our care.  All animals from different sources are required to be authorized by the Foster Coordinator or CMHS management.  While this term is enforced on a case by case basis, taking into account the foster parents ability to keep the different animals separate from current foster animals and owned animals, the foster parents time away from home, etc., under normal and ideal circumstances foster parents are expected to limit their fostering to:
  • One litter of kittens or puppies at one time
  • A single animal or a pair/group of animals from the same source at one time
In urgent/temporary cases due to lack of housing at the shelter, CMHS management may make exceptions for:  
  • Two separate litters (kittens) only if can be separated┬á
  • Two individual cats/dogs/other species providing they are in good health, their needs are compatible, and the foster parent is able to keep them separate if necessary