Due to an outbreak of canine upper respiratory infections, CMHS will NOT be taking in dogs for at least two weeks beginning January 6th.

Canine Upper Respiratory Infections in Columbia

CMHS suspending dog intake

Like many other shelters in the US, we are seeing a rise in Upper Respiratory Infections (URI), specifically canine pneumovirus.

There is no vaccine to protect against the pneumovirus, but, like human URIs, canine URIs have a high recovery rate with rest and medical treatment but are very contagious.

To create a "clean break" and stop the spread of illness, our intake, as well as Columbia/Boone County Animal Control, will be suspending for at least two weeks beginning January 6th.

How you can help:

We have approximately 50 dogs that need to get out of the shelter and into foster or adoptive homes!

  • ADOPT: Dogs 30 pounds and over will have their adoption fees reduced to just $20 from January 6th -20th. Checkout our available dogs and submit an application to set up a meet and greet!
  • LOST & FOUND: While our intake is closed, we are asking the public for help to reunite lost and found dogs in the area. Keep in mind most dogs are found within a mile of their home. Post to social media, Nextdoor, and join the Columbia, Missouri Lost & Found Pets group on Facebook! CMHS will be open to scan for microchips and will also provide basic supplies for any finders that are holding onto the strays while they wait to find their owners. Learn more about reuniting lost pets and filing a lost/found report here.
Tips for keeping your dog healthy:
  • Avoid high risk public areas: There is no vaccine for Canine Pneumovirus so all dogs, no matter their vaccine status, are at high risk when visiting dog parks, grooming facilities, doggy daycare, pet boarding and other dog-friendly spaces.
  • Neighbors with dogs: Whether you're in an apartment or single-family residence, be mindful of where your dog might come in contact with other dogs. From hallways and elevators to shared fences/property lines, make a plan to distance your dog from neighboring dogs.
  • Multiple dogs in the home: If you have multiple dogs and one is showing signs of respiratory illness, you should consider all the dogs in the home exposed. Limit sick dogs activity levels- they need rest. Contact your veterinarian for more information.