Benefits of Having a Barn Cat

Supporting a barn cat is a safe and inexpensive way to control the rodent population. There are no poisons for children and pets to get into and no need to set nasty traps. This environmentally friendly pest control saves you money and prevents the horses, livestock, and dogs from being accidentally poisoned.  You will most likely enjoy watching the cats, learning their habits, and communicating with them.  It can be tremendously satisfying to know you have saved their lives by giving them their much-needed home.  Many people appreciate the cats themselves as well as the work the cats do – keeping rodents away from electrical wires, motor homes, hay, and many other things.

We strongly recommend adopting more than one barn cat at a time. Cats are social creatures and will be more likely to stay around the property if they have other felines to socialize with. If you are interested in multiple cats we would love to adopt you cats that have come in together either from the same home or the same feral colony, we can even match non-feral working cats who get along to be adopted out together.

Please read over this helpful write up about caring for barn cats and if you’re still interested in “hiring” one of our barn cats, you can fill out the application here!