Barn Cat Adoption

We often have cats available for adoption that would not be content as house pets but would thrive in a barn, horse stable, warehouse, garage, garden shed or other appropriate indoor/outdoor location.
All cats are spayed/neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. You only need to provide daily food and water, protection from the elements and long-term care. After a short period of security, the cats should happily accept their new barn home!
In return for your care, working cats will help keep rodents away from grain and food storage areas. Not only will you enjoy watching these cats work, you will be providing them a much-needed home.
And, because these cats are already spayed or neutered, you won’t have to worry about litters of kittens appearing!

Use the button below to fill out an adoption application for a barn cat. If we don't currently have a barn cat in our care, we will keep your application on file and reach out to you when one becomes available!

Barn Cat Adoption Application