Short Term Fostering

Want to make an impact in an animal's life? Consider short term fostering!

Short term fostering, or Straycation, is typically for a limited selection of adoptable animals to give them a break from the stressful shelter environment for a couple of days to a couple of weeks! This is not intended to be a "foster to adopt" or "trial adoption" program. Short term fosters are responsible for socializing their shelter animal, take photos/create a biography for the animal's adoption profile, and potentially reach out to any adoption applicants the animal might acquire if they are comfortable.

If you are interested in fostering cats, we recommend signing up to become a core foster instead as we often do not have a lot of cats looking for short-term foster opportunities.

To get started, fill out our Straycation Foster Application below!

Once we have received your application, we will send you details to schedule a time to pick up your new house guest.

Sign up for Short Term Fostering
If you already have already taken home a shelter pet for a straycation and would like to take another, please email [email protected].

Pets currently available for Short Term Fostering