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Lost a Pet?

Lost Cat Report


Lost Dog Report

Getting the word out early is the key to getting your dog or cat back safely. Don’t assume your pet will return on his own in a few hours. Don’t wait around to see if he’ll find his way home. As soon as you are aware that your pet is missing, GET THE WORD OUT. Remember, have good, clear photos on hand just in case, and ALWAYS make sure your dogs and cats are wearing a collar with identification tags. Micro chipping is an excellent form of identification, but always makes sure your pet has a visible collar and tags.

  • Contact your local shelter and animal control. For residents of Boone County the animal control number is 573.449.1888. The Central Missouri Humane Society also takes in strays that the public finds in Boone County and can be reached at 573.443.7387. While you can fill out a lost report over the phone it is strongly recommended to do this in person at the shelter, this allows you to look through the stray dogs for yourself.  Bring a picture of your pet with you or be ready to email one. A picture goes a long way in helping reunite lost pets with their owners.
    • If you are not from Columbia/Boone County you may still fill out lost reports but please contact your local shelter/animal control/police department as well.
  • Both the Central Missouri Humane Society and Columbia/Boone County Animal Control list the stray pets that come into their custody on their websites. These are updated in real time as they get animals in so check back often. Both organizations are required by law to hold the pets for 5 days in order for an owner to claim them, if your pet has been missing longer than 5 days be sure to check under adoptable animals also.
  • Place flyers around your neighborhood and talk to your neighbors. The more people who know your pet is missing the more people who are likely to keep their eyes peeled.
    • Check out this lost pet flyer template and this door hanging template.
  • Social media plays a huge role in reuniting lost pets with their owner. Be sure to visit the CMHS lost and found page on Facebook as well as Craigslist and ColumbiaMOLostFoundPaws.
  • The Columbia Daily Tribune will place lost and found ads, just call 573 – 815-1855.
  • If your pet is micro chipped, call the company he/she is chipped through and make sure all the information is correct and let them know the pet is missing.
  • Don’t give up! Pets have been reunited with owners after months, even years of going missing.

Found a pet?

Thank you so much for being a hero for pets and trying to help the stray you’ve found. Chances are that pet has a family that is searching desperately for it, and the steps you take next will help them be reunited as quickly as possible.

  • Check for tags. If there is no owner information other types of tags are possible:
    1. Microchip tag: can be traced through the company that issued it
    2. Rabies tag: can be traced through the clinic that issued it
    3. City License tag: can be traced through Animal Control (573.449.1888)
  • If you are not able to keep the pet while you look for an owner you can call Animal Control (573.449.1888) to pick up a stray dog or you may take the stray pet to the Central Missouri Humane Society. If you found a cat who looks to be in good health and not in immediate danger your best option is to leave the cat there to find his own way home.

If you are able to keep the pet while you look for an owner:

  • Call animal control (573-449-1888) to fill out a found report and see if they have any reports of a lost pet that match.
  • Stop by the Central Missouri Humane Society to fill out a lost report. While at the shelter we can scan the pet for a micro chip and take a picture.
  • Any vet clinic will also be able to scan the pet for a micro chip.
  • Check Craigslist. If there are no matching lost pets, post an ad for the pet you found.
  • CMHS has a lost/found Facebook page. Be sure to check out Columbia, MO lost and found page as well.
  • Create and hang flyers in the area where you found the pet. It’s a good idea to also hang them at local vet clinics, coffee shops, gas stations, etc.
  • The Columbia Daily Tribune will place a found ad for free, call 573-815-1855.